Now that we are spending more time at home, we need more than ever to find comfort and interest in our surroundings. Discover some creative and inventive ideas to transform  and repurpose everyday and discarded objects into treasures for your home and garden.

We live in an automatic age where everything is on tap and readily available to us, from the constant stream of world news to the activities of friends and family, fast food and fashion. In this instant world, is it really surprising that the careful craft of the handmade is often ignored and forgotten?

Read labels, check the ingredients in your food and the fabric in your linens, soft furnishings and accessories. Do something as simple as switching to eco-friendly materials that are natural and sustainable. 

We don't want chemicals and preservatives or plastic and synthetics. The products we make and our packaging choices are created from renewable and natural resources that enable more use, less waste, and are easily recycled. 

help   solve, make do and fix dilemmas with our own proven 'how to' solutions, tips and tricks.

 Creative and inventive ideas using everyday objects and discarded ... to treasures for home and garden

   at a time when many of us are taking the opportunity to make fixes around the house and embark on those creative projects we’ve always wanted to do. In these unprecedented times share our knowledge and passion with  Finding ourselves with more time at home and reverting to nesting and finding comforts in our immediate surroundngs, 

  giving something you may have always wanted to do – or maybe don’t even realise yet -