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The world is crying out for us to take care of it, and people are questioning more than ever before what kind of world they want their children to live within.  

Our focus is on building a community of environmentally conscious future leaders, and our sustainable living programmes are designed to foster an appreciation for nature and healthy foods through practical learning. We review eating habits, how farming techniques produce food, and how it affects the environment, and the land, soil, and water in our homes.
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Not every child has a garden, let alone access to green spaces. Getting children outdoors is the best way to teach them about nature. Getting them into garden grounds will show them what real plants look like compared to on the shelf at a supermarket.

When they walk through our garden to see where fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown, they will learn how seeds are sown, plants harvested, how we protect and nourish them, and see different crops in growth progression.

Our focus is on permaculture, and we will talk through this natural design system to show how it supports the ecosystem by integrating plants, animals, buildings, people, weather and landscapes in harmony to create sustainability.

Permaculture for Children at GROW Sustainable Living Toms Creek
Teaching children good food choices at GROW Sustainable Learning Centre Toms Creek


What is this food and who made it? How did a potato get on your plate? Who grew the apples you eat? How did the milk in your cereal make its way from the farm to the store and to you?

Helping children realise where their food comes from can help them make better choices. Children need to know that the food they eat affects their growth, their mood, their ability to concentrate, do well at school, and sports.

We will encourage them to look out for favourite fruits and vegetables in season, choose a variety of colours, and how to find the best freshest picks.  By engaging children in healthy eating experiences, they will experiment with tastes and textures, learn to recognise different foods and want to try new things.


Being around farm animals is another insight into food and its origins. Learning about chickens laying eggs and seeing goats milked gives children a new perspective and wonder about food production.

Different breeds of animals and plants provide an educational playground and an active time-out for children while they learn new things.  Farming is a people-intensive job, and it takes a lot of cooperation and help. A farm is a unit that works together, stays together, and grows together. Working on a farm is a great way to teach children about teamwork.  

One of the most important things children learn on a farm is the cycle of life. At a farm, people, livestock, and wild animals live together and must learn to respect each other's needs to coexist. Children will be able to observe and interact, learning about this environment, nature, and ecology. Where there is new life, there is also loss through death and natural disasters. Being on a farm teaches children the process of natural selection and the responsibility we all have to the environment, encouraging empathy and caring.   

Hands-On Farm Tours for Children at GROW Sustainable Learning Centre Toms Creek