You know you need a break, but you want to do more than sleep and meditate with a jug of cucumber water. Perhaps chickpeas and Birkenstocks are not on your list of favourite things, incense makes you queazy, and the idea of chanting makes you laugh out loud. That's good. When you know what you don't want, you're halfway to finding what you do want — and laughter is the best therapy.
If you've not tried a digital detox before, you will now as you have entered an off the grid zone. Forget updating your social media and emailing the office. Do yourself a favour and switch off! Yes, you will get to sleep and rest, but you'll also move, think, talk, laugh, eat, and learn some new things. 

Maybe you want to make some changes or change your life for good. We believe in the power of good. Good thoughts. Good actions. Good food. Good fun.

If you want to find yourself, stand still and look around. You are right here, right now, so make the most of it.

That's WILD.


Yoga is the boss of health and wellness because it does it all. Best known as a physical retreat from chaos and anxiety, its benefits are so much more! Yoga not only tones your body but your mind and your heart – what other exercise can deliver such all-in-one inclusive results?

Yoga develops your awareness of living in the moment, focusing you on what you are doing, thinking, even eating. Yoga builds muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio-respiratory fitness, lowers blood sugar levels, can help with depression and even arthritis. 

And we love that we don't need to throw ourselves around or jump up and down for hours to enjoy all the goodies that yoga brings us.

Yoga in Nature at GROW Toms Creek
Hiking Trails at GROW Toms Creek


We are not going to get hard-core - this is NOT a boot camp - we are just going to take a long walk in nature. Every trail has its perks: fresh air, beautiful views, and a powerhouse core and lower body workout that tones your muscles and melts fat and stress away.

All you need is a comfortable and sturdy pair of walking shoes and a cross-body bag. We'll pack the snacks while Mama Earth packs a natural high to go with your sense of accomplishment.


Relax. Renew. Refresh. Repeat. Isn't this what self-care is all about? Setting aside time to exfoliate, put on a face mask, and cut off the noise is not time wasted. It's maintenance. These little rituals not only take care of you but make you feel good and, when you feel good, you can give more to maintaining other areas of your life.

Start each day with a revitalising stretch. Just five minutes of dry skin-brushing will get your circulation going, revive your complexion, and tone your skin. Vary your water intake with some DIY herb teas to refresh, energise or relax.

Each afternoon you will have time to give yourself a self-care session with lotions and potions from our Botanical Kitchen demonstration. Enjoy!

Learn to make natural skincare products at GROW Toms Creek
WILD Recharge Retreat at GROW Toms Creek


Time for you to do you. Enjoy the wide open spaces around you to take time alone. Being with yourself long enough to listen to your thoughts gives you the time to ask yourself some questions. What needs to change? What do you need right now? What is holding you back? 

    It's one thing to know that you should be doing something, and another to work out what it is and how you will do it. Take this time to acknowledge what you have discovered, how far you have come, build up your confidence, and gain some direction. 


    Our kitchens and gardens are full of ingredients that have been used for centuries to make incredible natural skincare. GROW will demonstrate just how easy and satisfying it can be to make your own products using botanicals from the surrounding bush and gardens.

    Find out how to prepare products that address your unique needs, from anti-ageing masks to rich moisturisers, revitalising body exfoliants and toners. Then relax in the privacy of your Time Out for a little DIY spa.

    The Botanical Kitchen at GROW Toms Creek
    GREEN Plant-based Foods at GROW Toms Creek


    A unique twist on traditional afternoon tea that defies the perception of plant-based foods by GREEN.

    Enjoy sweet and savoury treats that look and taste as delicious and indulgent as familiar treats, but with the bonus benefit of being good for you. No sugar rushes or crashing lows. Just great taste and good foods.

    GREEN also caters breakfast, lunch, canapes, mocktails, dinner, and snack packs for hikes and post-yoga sessions.


    At the end of each day, the only thing you have to do is to relax and have a good time. You can't sit on your roof around a fire stargazing with friends on the weekend, but here you can sit on the roof of the valley and unwind around a campfire with new friends.

    Enjoy the sound of nothing but chatter and laughter while you connect and tell your stories. It's the time to make new friendships, share your experiences, and bond – if you want to – or just rug up with a blanket to marvel at the velvet sky, and smile about all you have done and will do.

    WILD Recharge Retreat at GROW Toms Creek