thwarting off annoying garden pests.

While some common garden pests pose a threat to your beloved garden, others are committed to improving the unique ecosystem that grows there.

How Some “Pests” Actually Benefit Your Garden

  • Aid in pollination

  • Assist with pest control

  • Provide fertilization

  • Improve soil health

  • Support ecological balance

Here are a few animals to welcome into your garden and some tried-and-true ways to get them there:

Many wildlife species survive in urban areas, but their presence and persistence depend on how specific their food and shelter needs are, how they respond to disturbances, and the quality and quantity of other green spaces in the landscape.

For larger animals, such as birds and mammals, a home garden could become a stepping stone across an otherwise hostile urban landscape. For smaller animals, such as insects, it could be the centre of their home range.

In urban areas, where space is often limited, gardening with pollinators in mind is a simple way to encourage biodiversity in the backyard. And, depending on the surrounding landscape, habitat for pollinators will also be habitat for other animals.


How to attract pollinators into your paradise 

Plants 4 Pollen (Save the Bees by planting these ) 

  • Lavender 

  • Thyme 

  • Cilantro 

  • Borage 

  • Sage 

  • Fennel (Seeds found in supermarket )  

  • Hollyhock 

  • Crocus 

  • Buttercup 

  • Snowdrop 

  • Geranium 

  • Aster 

  • Calendula 

  • Sweet asylum 

  • Poppy 

  • Zinnia 

  • Sunflowers (Purchase in bulk as bird seed ) )