"Yes to be frankly honest we are charging you to come and work!  These ‘Work’ days are an opportunity to come and visit us at the Chateau.  There will be an abundance of food and drink and we will be on hand to answer any questions.  And in return you have to help make the place beautiful! 

Sadly we are unable to take children or pets on ‘work’ days.  The garden and grounds are still fairly much a blank canvas so all good suggestions gratefully received! There is a degree of manual work expected though some jobs will be gentler than others – no matter what the weather we will be outside working please dress appropriately.

When spring arrives in the Pays de la Loire everything bursts into life with startling speed.  Just after Easter and the ground will be shouting out to become productive so this will be the main opportunity to get vegetables and flowers started. We will be there answering any questions and will be in attendance throughout the day so lots of time to chat.  The day will include the following:



      • 0930 – 1000.  Arrival - Teas & coffee will be served and a little ‘something in the hand’

      • 1015 – 1030.  A briefing and ‘volunteers’ into different teams.  Into wellies and off we go.

      • 1230 – 1400.  Lunch in the Orangery. Several courses and something warming.  With the obligatory lunchtime beverages available. Re-muster and back to work

      • 1400 – 1600.  More work!

      • 1600 – 1730.  Wellies off and then its teas, coffee and cakes in the chateau with some bubbles for those who fancy it!

We will endeavour to have all the necessary tools, compost, seeds, seedlings, and pots etc available.  There will be a chance to look around some of our ‘bigger’ projects ……"

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"Yes to be frankly honest we are charging you to come and work! These ‘Work’ days are an opportunity to come and visit us at the Chateau.


. The scrappy piece of paper we handed to the realtor simply read:


Goodbye city life, luxuries, designer fashion and décor. A new wardrobe of roomy Tshirts shorts and pants and hi-vis jackets were now staples. Hello humble life   more modest  sustainable living with morals and values built and fed with shovels and manure A Real humble beginnings and grins all round, as we had this overwhelming joy unlocked from our souls.   

A 60 hour week behind a laptop in a glass office jacked up on caffeine vs physical WORK on a farmstead. Work has never had more of a meaning till we got here!  

OH Man! 

  how many holes I have dug in desperate hope I set in roots one of them that survives. I had a horrible green      black thumb  of death. Nothing would grow  We were embarking on a new life in the worst drought in record of 100 years But then I found permaculture  and found Garden Goals:  Harmony with Nature – your forest garden could be mistaken for a backdrop of a Disney Classic Birds chirping and singing to a tune with butterflies flutter and bee’s.  

Soil is the key to any harvest  - You get what you give – neglect a plant it will wither and die , give it nourishment and good soil it will GROW and maybe live for ever Your outdoor area is more than just a private space in which to relax. In eco terms, your land is part of nature's jigsaw, and no matter its size, gardens can contribute to natural functions and processes in the local area, such as regulating water drainage, buffering the damaging effects of strong winds, or providing food and shelter for native wildlife.

Gardening is not only about the joy of planting seeds and watching them become food. Sometimes it is a masterful game of chess in which certain animals are trying to take our tomatoes and lettuce, and we have to devise a strategy (pesticide is not a viable strategy!) for protecting our harvest.

There are many options for going about this: companion plantingcrop rotation, and DIY pest repellents. But, one of the best ways for controlling garden pests is inviting their predators to the party. Though many One Green Planet readers are plant-based eaters, the same cannot be said for the entirety of the animal kingdom. Nature designed some animals to survive by eating other animals, and the ecology goes round and round.

“ Remember The Tallest Oak in the Forest was once just a little nut that held its ground “  

What is permaculture simple HYBRID of these two words { perminate + Agriculture } 

It is a design system for ecological and sustainable living integrating plants, animals, buildings, people and community resulting in a inherently sustainable future of self-sufficiency