Whether you live in a house, a homestead or a city apartment, if you have an interest in sustainable living and want to know more, then you have come to the right place.​

Designed to familiarise you with different sustainable living practices, our workshops provide you with the knowledge and tools to complete tasks that will empower you, expand your perspective, and grow your capabilities. Learn how to develop and enjoy your kitchen and garden environments, and even learn how to make your own products.



Learn the history of beekeeping and all you need to know to start a rewarding hobby or use it as a starting point to becoming a professional.
Find out about the benefits of beekeeping, different types of bees, how they communicate and make honey, honeybee jobs and life cycles, the decline of this species, and how you can save them.

Learn Beekeeping at GROW Sustainable Living Toms Creek

Discover the life-giving source of permaculture. This wondrous natural design system supports the ecosystem by integrating plants, animals, buildings, people, weather and landscapes in harmony. Learn how to create a sustainable garden and a future of self-sufficiency
and good living.



If you can be flexible and open to changing your thinking, you can have the best of everything and get on with the joy of living well. Find out how to create a viable future through farm to fork concepts, cooking and eating sustainably, and some innovative recipes to make delicious and healthy meals.

Learn how to make plant-based foods at GROW Sustainable Living Toms Creek
Learn how to make your own skincare products at GROW Sustainable Living Toms Creek


Our Surfing Retreat helped create the time and space needed for self-reflection and deep understanding. We are sure that the tranquility of this retreat positively impacted our guests’ emotional management and overall well-being.